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The movie of me skydiving

2013-09-01 at 09:48:32

Here's a movie of my skydiving in Umeå, I hope you like it and a special thanks to Umeå Fallskärmsklubb who did this movie with me.

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2013-08-18 at 11:42:23

Here I couldn't concentrate at all about what my instructor was saying. Why was not because of nervously, no it was because of the way the the camera man filmed the situation with all sudden close ups of my face, haha I'll show you in a movie later
The view from the small airplane was so amazing and I think the reality has not really catched up on me yet because I am and was not scared.
It was when we were on a height of 3000 m we jumped. When we opened the plane I was hit by the wind and after that it was just to lean back and go down towards ground in  200 km/h in about 30 seconds until the parachute was released and quite slowly we went down safely. 
My mum also jumped.
My instructor and I.

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Home since Friday

2013-07-21 at 14:12:27

1. The team in Gothenburg. 2. The opening ceremony 3. Me and my friend waiting for the bus.
Hej hej! Jag kom egentligen hem i fredags men eftersom jag redan hade tidsinställda inlägg på bloggen så passade jag på att vila efter (bara) 4 dagars fotboll. Vi gick till A-slutspel men där slutade det roliga och vi åkte ut i 32-dels final. Jag tänker inte prata fotboll men jag tycker av många själ att vi skulle gått längre. Nog om det nu ska jag snart hänga på mina föräldrar ut till en kompis stuga så jag skriver mer imorgon. 
Hey hey! I actually came home this Friday, but since I had already timed-set posts I took the opportunity to rest after (just) four days of soccer. We went to the A-finals but there's where the fun ended and we went out in the 32-part finale. I'm not going to talk soccer with you, but I think we should have gone further. Enough about that, now I will soon go with my parents to a friend's cottage so I'll write more tomorrow.

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First day

2013-07-15 at 10:09:51

Hi, now I've arrived at Gothia cup and today's our first game! Hope you all have a nice monday!

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perfect day

2013-03-08 at 15:42:00

It has been a perfect day in the "mountains" with sun and great skiing. I will be home tomorrow night! Seeya!

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Going away

2013-02-01 at 20:50:31


Hi! I just wanted to tell you all that I'm going away this weekend, playing futsal. I will not be able to update you with looks so I will probably creat some post about what I'm doing at the moment instead. Hope you'll not get disappointed , if you want "fashion post" you have to wait until next weekend. :/
See you!

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När allting stämmer

2012-10-14 at 15:50:37

Hej där! Helgen har denna gång spendarats med lite biotittande och innebandy. Ted hette filmen jag såg igår (lite rolig faktiskt) och idag spelade vi match. Det blev en sådan match där allt bara stämmde, en sådan match man tränar för. All träning man har stått ut med blir i slutändan värt det när matcher som denna kommer. Jag vet inte hur högt jag skrek när sista målet sattes på plats men jag tror det ljud som kom ut från min mun liknade mer en mans röst den min egen. Haha hoppas ni har haft en lika bra helg som mig, hejdå!
TRANSLATE: Hello there! Yesterday I went to the cinema with some friends and saw Ted (quite funny actually) and today I played floorball. We won with 9-6 and it was that sort of game where everything just went right, these games you practice so hard for and when you finally wins it means the world to you. I do not know how loud I screamed when the last goal was made but I think the sound that came out of my mouth was more like a man's voice then my own. Haha hope you had a nice weekend, Bye!

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2012-08-02 at 12:09:20

Inramad och allt, haha. Ja ni kan läsa själva..
TRANSLATE: The article says that I scored 3 times against Flurkmark, that I like to play forward, not usually scores, also play floorball and does athletics. I think I panic a bit when the reporter called because it says that I like pizza when I'm actually not in to that at all. The picture looks like I'm a serial killer but otherwise I'm pretty happy with the result.

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2012-07-31 at 14:46:20

Hej! Igår spelade vi DM-match mot Flurkmark. Jag vet inte riktig vad som hände men under 90 mintuer som forward lyckades jag göra 3 mål och vi vann med 5-4. Imorse ringde en kille från VK (lokala tidningen) och imorgon kommer jag vara med som VK-liraren. Helt galet, jag visar artikeln imorgon. 
Hello! Yesterday we played DM-match against Flurkmark. I don't really understand what happened, but during 90 mintuer as  forward, I managed to make 3 goals and we won with 5-4. This morning a guy from VK (local newspaper) called and tomorrow I will be in the paper as VK-player. Completely crazy, I'll show  you the article tomorrow.

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25 May

2012-05-25 at 19:21:48

Hejsan! Nu har jag varit så duktig igen att jag varit ute och sprungit. Jag tror jag aldrig har svettas så mycket i hela mitt liv, haha. Det har äntligen börjat bli lite varmare här uppe i norr och man kan gå ut i shorts utan man fryser. Kul kul, nu ska jag duscha. Hare!♥


Hi there! Now I have been out running again. I think I have never been sweating so much in my hole life, haha. It has finally started getting a little warmer here in the north and you can go out in shorts. Now I'm gonna taka a shower, seeya!♥

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Run run run

2012-05-18 at 14:03:06

Hejsan! Har för andra dagen i rad börjat med att ta en löprunda på ca 7 km. Jag fick nämligen ett par nya löparskor för två dagar sen och kände mig bara så taggad på att springa helt plötsligt. Pigg och glad blir man också som ett plus i kanten. Hur som helst, jag ska fortsätta dagen med lite matteplugg sen blir det bio. Det är oerhört tråkigt väder i Umeå just nu men "ryssvärmen" ska tydligen vara å g. Får hoppas på det. Ett grattis till pappa också som fyller år idag, Ciao!


Hi there! For the second day in a row I started the day with a run at 7 km. Beacuse two days a go, I got a new pair of running shoes and I just felt that I had to run all of a sudden. Anyway, I will continue the day with some math and then go to the cinema with some friends. It is extremely boring weather in Umeå right now but it will get better, hopefully. I also want to give my dad a happy birthday, Seeya!

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mot träning

2012-05-08 at 18:26:56

Hej! Nu ska jag i väg och träna friidott. Jag mår alltid så bra efter att jag tränat friidrott. Tyvärr tävlar jag inte längre. För jag hinner helt enkelt inte. Men det är sjukt kul och jag tänker då träna det så länge vardagen går ihop. Haha, ha det bra!


Hello! Now I'm going to train athletics. I always feel so good after It. Unfortunately, I do not longer compete. Because I don't have time to:/. But it's really fun and I am thinking of practicing it for so long I'm able to. Haha, bye!

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2012-05-06 at 12:49:09

Hej! Nu på morgonen har jag spelat match. 3-3 blev det och jag gjorde mål!! Kan man tänka sig, haha. Hur som helst jag känner fortarande inte riktigt den inspiration jag brukar ha när det kommer till kläder. Så jag återkommer med det när jag känner för det.



Hello! This morning, I played soccer. 3-3 and I scored a goal! Can you imagine, haha. Anyway I don't feel the inspiration I usually do when it comes to clothing. So I will be back when I feel inspired again.

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2012-05-04 at 15:15:00

Hej! Nu är vi på väg hem efter 3 dagar av fotbollsspelande, jag är väldigt trött men det har varit sjukt roligt! Jag kommer hem kl 6, hejdå!


TRANSLATE Hi! The football camp have been really fun and I'm quit tierd. Will be home at 6.

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one more day of skiing

2012-03-10 at 08:43:10

coming home tonight

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