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2012-01-31 at 16:09:58

shoes, H&M
shirt, 2hand, in shirts (basic)
top, causewaymall.com/shop/sold-items/pd3403-vivid-wide-scoop-collar-slouchy-knit-dress-tangerine-p-10072.html, in tops

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2012-01-30 at 19:40:51

browse a bit and it will be pictures of me, do not understand the text though haha

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Answer. jeffrey campbell look alike

2012-01-29 at 09:12:27


i've got a question.. your shoes? you said they are from romwe.com? yes? i cant find them there.. you know an other store, which i can buy this shoes?


Answer: That's right they are from romwe.com but they have stopped selling them at the moment, I don't know if they are comming back or so. If you whant to buy shoes that look the same way you can always buy jeffrey campbell, but they are quite expensive. Here are some other shoes that almost look like JC (click on the pictures)

every one cost about 600 kr/ $89 less


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2012-01-29 at 07:57:37

Dress: http://www.sheinside.com/U-neck-Short-Sleeve-Hand-beaded-Strapless-Black-Dress-p-79527-cat-1727.html

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my beautiful friend

2012-01-29 at 07:50:35

Photo: Me, Model: Juni

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turn up the lights

2012-01-28 at 15:07:59

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2012-01-27 at 19:19:39

watch, danielwellington.se/, in watches
skirt, yesi-fashion.com/, in skirts

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2012-01-25 at 18:12:33

Sweater: http://www.chicwish.com/

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2012-01-23 at 18:22:38

Patricia om make up tutorial:

Hi Petra! Your eyelash in the photos seems to be false, do you wear them to takes your photos or is just the mascara? Kisses

Answer. Hi! Yes, I wear false eyelashes in some of the looks:)

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make up tutorial

2012-01-22 at 10:15:02

worst quality ever

by Miguel Pinto

2012-01-20 at 16:19:00


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2012-01-20 at 15:58:32

JACKET, CAUSEWAYMALL.COM/SHOP/,  http://www.causewaymall.com/shop/jackets/j1162-college-breeze-double-breasted-knit-coat-tangerine-p-9827.html



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2012-01-20 at 15:32:27

interview with me :)↓


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My life

2012-01-18 at 16:26:12

Morning: Wake up, go to school. Haning out with theese people^^
After school I usually got football practice.
Your animation
And at night I got floorball or athletics.
Last year I was stressed out I THOUGHT, but now I got all this + lookbook + blogg + more school. The thing is that it never stops showing up clothes, Petra in the past didn't thought about Petra in the future. I will stop accepting all theese colloberations with different comaines for a while. Anyway I'll make it, some how. But now you know where I am when I'm not bloging and so on...
I'm not giving up on any sports, it too much fun:)

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Ebba Zingmark in wolf girl, simian Ghost

2012-01-17 at 20:47:21

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2012-01-17 at 20:20:13



  3. SHOES


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romwe giveaway- winners

2012-01-16 at 10:21:00

Jule- Frida- Daniela-
Congratulations, you will get un email soon :)

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2012-01-15 at 20:03:22

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2012-01-14 at 16:46:08

Idag har jag varit på min farmors begravning. Hon dog tyvärr den 18 December. Därför är mina kusiner från Göteborg här, 2 åringen kan vara ganska rolig ibland;)
Today I have been on my grandmother's funeral. She died, unfortunately, December 18.Therefore, my cousins ​​from Gothenburg are here, the two year old can be pretty funny sometimes;)

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2012-01-11 at 18:19:04

got a question ;) do you shoot yourself with a selftimer or do somebody else take the photos ? :*

ANSWER: Sometimes I use seltimer and somtimes my little brother or my mum takes the pictures:D My friend Agda has also taken som pictures, one of them are 11-11-06 :)

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2012-01-11 at 15:50:50

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the video again

2012-01-10 at 16:41:35

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hair through all time

2012-01-10 at 16:40:00

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how would you like the world to end?

2012-01-10 at 16:02:48

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What kind of music do you listen to?

2012-01-09 at 17:35:08

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pretty Morven

2012-01-09 at 14:16:11

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2012-01-09 at 14:14:43





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2012-01-09 at 09:30:27

By Jessica Ricks, you can find her blog here -> http://hapatime.blogspot.com/

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Hi, I'm alive

2012-01-09 at 08:15:50

Hej! Jag är oerhört stressad. Egentligen för ingen andledning alls. Har bara kläder jag måste ta kort på. Hör ni hur strört det låter, men jag får panik. Ska klippa mig vid 4, frisören kommer nog svimma när hon ser mitt hår, haha. Imorgon börjar skolan, somnar vid bara tanken.


Hi! I'm extremely stressed out. Actually, for no reason at all. Have alot of clothes I need to take pictures of. Do you hear how fucked up that sounds, but I'm panicing about it. I'll cut my hair at 4, the hairdresser will probably faint when she sees my hair, haha​​. Tomorrow starts school, falling asleep at just the thought of it. 1000 mails to read...goodbye...

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gold shorts

2012-01-07 at 15:52:08


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2012-01-06 at 21:16:17

love u too!

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2012-01-06 at 12:37:28

Jacket: http://www.mosquito-sklep.pl/index.php
Shorts: http://www.ohmyfrock.com/
cleaned out my closet last night, couldn't sleep haha

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2012-01-05 at 14:27:07

  1. BELT

  2. SHIRT

    http://www.causewaymall.com/shop/sold-items/t3538-chic-sleeves-cropped-sheer-shirt-coral-p-9644.html?osCsid=jt2n5hi5soeci7i66cg6snd6r6, in SHIRTS (BASIC)
  3. SHOES


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it never stops

2012-01-04 at 12:32:16

snowing for 2 days now:)

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4 January

2012-01-04 at 11:50:16

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going skiing today:)

2012-01-03 at 08:32:40

see ya!

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2012-01-02 at 16:18:34

top, shoes: http://romwe.com/
Earings: http://www.juveliasmycken.se/
Earcuff: http://www.jfr.se/
Skirt: H&M

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2012-01-02 at 15:43:48

top : http://romwe.com/

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igår beslöt jag mig för att...

2012-01-02 at 14:49:01

...acceptera alla mina dolda vänförfrågningar på facebook. Varför vet jag inte, jag känner inte en enda. Ångrade mig imorse när jag insåg att jag inte kommer kunna se vad mina "riktiga vänner" håller på med... blä

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fake christmas gift

2012-01-01 at 14:22:38

This Christmas, I gave my parents this picture as a gift, but in much bigger formar  ofcourse. Why I'm writing this is just beacuse I  wanted to show how fake this picture actually is. You see how happy my little brother seems to be and reason is that the original  picture looks like this ...
It was the ONLY picture that he actually looked happy at. So I edited his head in to another picture and it looked kind of like it was real haha!
This Christmas, I gave my parents this picture as a gift, but in much bigger format ofcourse. Why I'm writing this is just beacuse I  wanted to show you how fake this picture actually is. You see how happy my little brother seems to be and reason is that the original  picture looks like this ...
It was the ONLY picture that he actually looked happy at. So I edited his head in to another picture and it looked kind of like it was real haha!

Your animation

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2012-01-01 at 13:59:22

Bilder från igår vid 12-slaget:)
Pictures from yesterday

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2012-01-01 at 13:53:13

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