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Answers part 4 (last one)

2013-08-06 at 07:27:00

Please give us some tips for blogging! How did you get so many followers at such a short time? Thanks x
So short time? The blog I would say took quite a long time to "built up" with more followers compared  to lookbook. It was mainly when I got some real help with the design and started to put some effort in to the post that more people started to following me, especially the swedish readers I think. Before it was more international readers comming from lookbook and today it's more of a balance between the different types of readers. My tips would be the things a previously mention, put some effort in to the posts and get a real design. The more time you spent trying to creat a great post, the more posetiv reactions you'll get. :)
Do you actually go to school like you re dressed on your Blog photos? 

Some of the looks I actually wear to school if you just put away the heels (feel awkwardly tall) but otherwise I don't wear dresses to school. At my previous school I felt quite comfortable wearing what ever I wanted because I literally been growing up beside everyone there and they know who I am as a person. This autumn I'll start at a new school and are so excited about this because I think I will be able to do the same thing there.


Totally random picture taken by me last fall
What job do you want to do ? 
It's a really though question and I somehow envy all of the people that already have everything figured out. I hope, I really hope that I one day soon realise what I want to do and just go for it. Not worring about all the things that can go wrong and instead just put all of my time into trying my very best at my work. I would really like working with people and somehow have creativity involved into my work.



Hi Petra! Saw a question if you know about Russia and I got curious if you know something from Brazil! Haha
Warm hugs from Brazil!

http://paulinetendances.blogspot.fr/ thanks :)

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Petra Karlsson

Hej! Jag är en 16 årig tjej från Umeå som går första året på naturlinjen. Förutom mitt intresse för mode så spelar jag mycket fotboll och innebandy.

Hi there! I'm a 16 year old girl who loves fashion. Besides the blog I love playing soccer and floorball. You can also find me at lookbook.nu.

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