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2013-08-29 at 16:58:07

Jacket: Romwe (last year)
Shoes: Choies
Necklace: Self made
Ring: H&M

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2013-08-26 at 07:49:00

Sweater: Sheinside
Shoes: Dinsko

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2013-08-25 at 11:22:09

Hat: Bikbok
Top: H&M
Skirt (jumpsuit): Choies
Watch: Vesst

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2013-08-22 at 21:37:58

Nail-polish I recommend
Hi! School has started here in Sweden and I'm in a whole new class. I do not know what to think about it yet but the last couple of days have been a bit stressful and I have to figure out a way to have some energy left for blogging so sorry for my distance, I'll be back to normal soon.

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2013-08-18 at 11:42:23

Here I couldn't concentrate at all about what my instructor was saying. Why was not because of nervously, no it was because of the way the the camera man filmed the situation with all sudden close ups of my face, haha I'll show you in a movie later
The view from the small airplane was so amazing and I think the reality has not really catched up on me yet because I am and was not scared.
It was when we were on a height of 3000 m we jumped. When we opened the plane I was hit by the wind and after that it was just to lean back and go down towards ground in  200 km/h in about 30 seconds until the parachute was released and quite slowly we went down safely. 
My mum also jumped.
My instructor and I.

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2013-08-17 at 12:31:00

Now I'm also avaible on stylight.com and I think you all that loves fashion should check this page out which is like lookbook but with further ways to express the feeling you have about a certain look. You can add music, texts and more then one photo which gives a collage of what you're trying to say with your look. Here's my profile.

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Happy birthday

2013-08-17 at 10:12:00

Yesterday I celebrated my friend who just turned 16 with a huge cupcake surprise. It's incredible how nice it can be just sitting with your friends over a cup of coffe and talk. Many thumbs up for these girls that I love so much

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2013-08-15 at 15:24:00

Sorry for so few pictures, they didn't turn out the way I hoped they would.

Jumpsuit: Romwe (sold out, pants instead)
Jacket: Sheinside
Bracelet: Sheinside

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2013-08-15 at 10:12:26


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Pictures from this week

2013-08-14 at 17:05:04

1. My cousins singing for their mom 2. My legs from last look 3. Food at the celebrations of my aunt 4. Daily reading before autumn.

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2013-08-14 at 16:48:51

Shirt: Lindex
Shorts: Sheinside
Shoes: Dinsko
Bracelet: Sheinside

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Summer 2013

2013-08-13 at 14:38:26


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2013-08-11 at 21:41:33


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2013-08-11 at 12:22:32

 The bag you can find here

I augusti har jag lyckats fynda två gånger om och fått de två jackorna på bild 1, 2 för 150:- styck. Den svarta är från Carlings och den rutiga från H&M.

In August, I have managed to buy two jackets for a reallygood price, The black one is from Carlings and the plaid one from H&M.


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2013-08-10 at 19:56:57

Bracelet: Vesst
Jacket: Carlings
Top: Romwe (sold out similar)
Bag: Romwe (sold out, similar)
Shorts: Romwe (sold out, similar)

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2013-08-09 at 16:28:24

Dress (the top): Vesst
Bracelet: Vesst
Shorts; Sheinside
Shoes: Choies

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2013-08-08 at 12:18:00

Dress: Sheinside
Watch: Vesst

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2013-08-07 at 16:13:00

More pictures later today!

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Drawing of me from you

2013-08-07 at 16:07:46

Made by Bar from Israel. I think it's so cool and I really recognise myself, thank you so much!

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Answers part 4 (last one)

2013-08-06 at 07:27:00

Please give us some tips for blogging! How did you get so many followers at such a short time? Thanks x
So short time? The blog I would say took quite a long time to "built up" with more followers compared  to lookbook. It was mainly when I got some real help with the design and started to put some effort in to the post that more people started to following me, especially the swedish readers I think. Before it was more international readers comming from lookbook and today it's more of a balance between the different types of readers. My tips would be the things a previously mention, put some effort in to the posts and get a real design. The more time you spent trying to creat a great post, the more posetiv reactions you'll get. :)
Do you actually go to school like you re dressed on your Blog photos? 

Some of the looks I actually wear to school if you just put away the heels (feel awkwardly tall) but otherwise I don't wear dresses to school. At my previous school I felt quite comfortable wearing what ever I wanted because I literally been growing up beside everyone there and they know who I am as a person. This autumn I'll start at a new school and are so excited about this because I think I will be able to do the same thing there.


Totally random picture taken by me last fall
What job do you want to do ? 
It's a really though question and I somehow envy all of the people that already have everything figured out. I hope, I really hope that I one day soon realise what I want to do and just go for it. Not worring about all the things that can go wrong and instead just put all of my time into trying my very best at my work. I would really like working with people and somehow have creativity involved into my work.


2013-08-05 at 22:30:43


Här är några bilder från förra hösten, känner ni igen mig? Jag ska inte prata som om detta vore jättelängesen men det känns lite som om jag var med kreativ då, som om jag inte såg några gränser som jag idag kan känna ibland.

Jag älskar verkligen hösten och detta dels på grund av de efterlängtade mörka färgerna istället för den ljusa sommaren men också allt det andra som att komma tillbaka till rutinerna och sitta och dricka te efter att varit ute i kylan. När snön väl börjar falla kan jag vara glad just då men samtidigt är jag svagt medveten om de kommande 6 månaderna som också innehåller snö. Självklart njuter jag in i sista stund av sommarens varma dagar men samtidigt är jag redo för höst just nu.


Here are some pictures from last fall, do you recognize me? It feels like I was a bit more creative back then, as if I didn't see any limits what so ever when it came to clothing as I today can feel sometimes. I really love autumn and this is partly because of the dark colors instead of the bright summer looks but also all the others things like coming back to routines and drink a cup of tea. Obviously, I will enjoy the last days of this summer but I'm also ready for the fall now.

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2013-08-03 at 09:43:00

Blazer: H&M
Top: Romwe
Shorts: Romwe (sold out)
Shoes: Choies
Bag: Romwe
Watch: Daniel Wellington

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Answers part 3

2013-08-02 at 15:44:00

How tall are you?
176 centimeter, 5.77427822 feet, hehe. I had to check this today actually since I though I was 174 cm but my friends have for a while told me that it can not be true and I guess they where right.
Hur ordnade du med dosa för att ta bilder på dig själv? Var köpte du det?/
Where did you get your remote for your camera?
Jag köpte min kontroll HÄR och var tvungen att skaffa en som har ganska lång räckvidd eftersom jag måste stå en bit ifrån porträttobjektivet./
I bought my remote HERE and had to get one that had relatively long reach because I have to stand quite far away from the portrait lens when I take pictures.

 What skincare and makeup products do you use?

Well first of all I have to tell you that my skinn is nothing to endeavor for because it's actuallt not that "good looking" as it seems in my pictures and that's not because of me editing imperfections away it's more dependent of the lighting and contrast . I unfortunately attend to get spots and so one but here's two pictures of things I use daily that I consider keeping my skin relatively clean and it's not what others would call good quality product but such thing I can't afford haha.


Which image editing program you edit your pictures?

I use gimp for a more advanced editing and picmonkey.com for a more basic editing.

What is your favorite color? and how do you use/fit the color on your style?

Haha you are gonna be suprised by the answer because it's green but I almost never wear green.  Although my whole room is green. If I'm going to say a color that I like to wear I would say blue or white (if that counts).


What do you like to do when you aren't blogging? Do you have favorite websites or books or magazines??

Besides my sports activities I obviously use to hang out with my friends. About websites I would have to write a really long list if I was going to say everyone but I love follow different famous fashion blogs and if you try mention one I probably read it haha.

Can you put up a picture of your house?


Is it your real hair colour?
If it is "artificial", how did you obtained this effect?

I usually get highlights now and then to lighten up my hair otherwise my natural color is underneath the highlights.


Answers part 2

2013-08-01 at 08:03:00

Do people recognize you in your city?

I don't think they do or perhaps they do but no one has ever walked up to me and said so, exept people I've known since I was younger.




When you had started blogging and posting on lookbook, did you receive as many comments and hypes as you receive now?

No I didn't but after a while more people started to following me and when I posted a look that today actually has the most hypes on lookbook I recived so many positive reactions and that's when it all started I want to belive.


Do you know anything about Russia? (lol :D)

Haha no, not that much. I know about Vladmir Putin and that it can get really cold in some parts of the country.


Picture from Bråvalla

Is it difficult for you to make friends? Do or don't you have many friends?

I would say I have quite many friends but that I can be quite shy in the beginning of a new friendship.


This fall I'll start at the gymnasium

How does the school system in Sweden work?

Okey I'm not sure if I'm using the right words when I'm explaining it like this but if you section up the school in ages it would look something like this:

Kindergarden 0-5
Preschool 6
Primary school 7-9
Middle school 10-12
High school 13-15
Gymnasium 16-18

After thins university/work

Question for you, how does the system in you country work?