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clothing discussion

2012-05-15 at 18:11:07


Yesterday I was a bit angry at my classmate. We discussed fashion in english class and my teacher asked if any of us have ever seen a student that been "over dressed" in school before. One o my classmates answered directly that she thinks that one younger boy in or shcool wears "clothes that looks like it's from a magazin every day". My first tought was " why the f*** does she cears". I mean, everyone should just wear what ever they want. If a girl dress like a freaking prostitute, that's fine with me. It's her style and that's the way she want's to express her self. Because clothes is a way to tell other people "this is me". If you're complaining in others clothes it's like complaining at their personality. I also completely understand if you just want to walk around in sweatpants and a t-shirt all week because that's comfortble and not everyone cares about clothing at all.

I don't know how it's in other contries but in Sweden it's about "always fitting in" you should just blend in to the crowd and act normal. I think it's kind of boring. That's all I got to say, bye!



Hi! I agree with every single word you wrote, I live in Turkey and it is exactly the same in here as well. Especially girls, who expresses themselves differently are seem to be abnormal. It's indeed very weird. I love how you want to show yourself though, always so chick and fabulous. :)


Yeah I have the same problem in my country (Netherlands).

People laugh at me and stare me with their shallow eyes.

It makes me so sad, that people cannot accept me as the way I am...

but I can't do anything. So I gave up and changed my style.

I really didn't want to, but I hate when people laugh at me.

I totally agree with you ! I live in France and it is roughly the same situation ; people are judging you so quickly, just by seeing the way you're dressed, while everybody should be able to get dressed as he want, without care about other people's opinion.

By the way, i love your style, it is really nice and it fits you marvelously ! :)

(Sorry about all the mistakes I have made in english) cheerio !!

Laura 2012-05-15 at 18:51:55

So true! Everybody should do and wear what they want! I hate all this " look at her and what she wears" Honestly if people talk about u, that just means that u don't dress like everybody else, which isn't bad in my opinion.

KIKI 2012-05-15 at 19:10:56

sometimes, if you live in a small village, you should wear normal clothing. The people think like that and it gets on my nerves. In a city this is okay, but not in a village. I agree with you and I think everybody shall wear what he/she wants and then it's good. :)

Francesca 2012-05-15 at 19:11:51

Great post! I think it too, also here in Italy if you're a bit eccentric often people look at you as they're saying : "Oh my God what are you wearing?!" and it'sooo boring ;D



Sara Fernandez 2012-05-15 at 19:13:31

I agree with you here in Spain its the same, in my town too,i'm 14 as you and a lot of people of my age think the same as your partner.

Why we need to wear the same? its like wear uniforms all the life and I don't like it so I think if you like what you are wearing you don't need to do what all the people want


Sometimes, I also have this problem; if someone appears in "weird" clothing, it's just a sign, that this person is special and none of this sheep that run with the crowd.

And actually (in my opinion): you can't really be over dressed, when you feel well in your outfit.

Here in Germany, you see a lot of people who show they are special & different with their clothing. Some have a problem with it; some don't.

Ciao. <3

Jenna 2012-05-15 at 19:39:45

It's totally the same in the Czech Republic... for example, one girl from my class really likes wearing really short shorts (but not that short :D), and everyone's always like 'oh, she's dressing like a bitch'.. or other girl wears a lot of mascara etc. because without it,she's pale,so why are people always gossiping about everyone's style? I mean,I agree with you, it's about expressing your personality... I really don't want to wear jeans and simply t-shirt just because I want to fit in the society. It's really weird. I hate it,because then it influence me a bit,when i go shopping,i try a beautiful piece of clothing and then I say to myself 'Oh no, what would they think? I don't want to be known as the girl who dresses like a bitch'. I think this problem will be here always...

Carolina Llano Mariño 2012-05-15 at 19:43:46

You know... you are so right about being "Part of something or just fit in something" people do not get anything about personality.

With this post... I kind of feel that it as me the one arguing with others because of clothes, criticism is good but in a constructive way.

Just saying,do not pay attention to stupid words.

Take care

Hi Petra !

This the first time I leave a comment on your blog, even if I am a regular reader... But your post has arrested me, because I think it's a very interesting subject.

I am French -so I'm sorry for my English- and I have to say that in France this the same thing -but it's also different.

Peoples are regulary critisized for their appearance. But the fact is that this is not so much the clothes they wear than the general appearance who "shocks" people. I explain : you can wear very special clothes, or wear a "prostitute dress" as you said, if you look happy like that and friendly, nobody will critisize you. In the same time, you can be dressed like everybody, if you look supercilious, everybody will critisize you...

So for summarize, if you seem nice, your clothing has no importance...

This is maybe the same thing in Sweden ? It seems very simple, but in the facts a lot of people in France look supercilious. This maybe just in the huge town (I live in Lyon), I don't no.

Well, good bye and good luck for your blog !


Jana 2012-05-15 at 20:05:57

it is absolutely right what you are saying! if you dress for other people, there is definitely something wrong. your classmate said the guy was dressing like in a magazine. shouldn't that be a compliment? this sentence shows only one thing - that he is f*cking jealous. it is always the same. either people are jealous or afraid or stubborn. just pity them, cause they're not worth being mad about them.

good text! i agree you in every point!

Sometimes I don't dress something just because I'm afriad of that thinkign abuot this other people. And this is cause then you dress something another people think you are stupid and they backbite you like in your situation. So I think in my country people are not tolerant. Maybe only in capital city because there are a lot of different people. In palticulary in villages or small towns, you are critized when your style is diferent and individual. I would like can dress everything I want and don't carothers opinnion.

Patricia 2012-05-15 at 20:51:44

This blog is perfect !!


Your opinion is adorable :) Thats exactly what I think too! Life is not always about fitting in, we have to be ourselves, time to time, and noone can suppress it. I don´t like and don´t understant these people who care all the time about someone they think he is weird. Just shut up and do not cause pain to the others, people! Everybody is unique, U R too, so let them be themselves ;) Great post Petra, keep doing! U R so beautiful, by the way :) <3

In Czech Republic is the same way. If you don´t go with the others, if you don´t wear jeans and T-shirt you are weard and stupid... :/ that´s really awfull :/

Maja 2012-05-15 at 21:11:35

Fin blogg! Kolla gärna in min majarydmarks.blogg.se


Elli 2012-05-15 at 21:11:56

same shit in Germany :/

Amen! So much love for this post<3

Heather 2012-05-15 at 22:02:17

I completely agree with you. Clothing is a way to express yourself, even though some people may say clothes don't matter at all. I hate it when others judge someone based on what they wear, just because it's different, or not something they like. I wish other people could be more like you with this topic, and just accept the fact that people are allowed to dress the way they like. Everyone's individual style is what makes them who they are. If we all dressed the same, the world would be so boring. Luckily, I go to a school where most people with a unique sense of style are admired, instead of criticized. I hope the people who are judging others based on what they wear at your school, learn to accept others' styles.

Connie 2012-05-15 at 22:18:41

I live in Canada and trust me most of the people here are also the same--wanting to always "fit in" to the mainstream at the cost of losing one's own unique self identity. I think it is a pity because we shouldn't be constantly worried about what others think of us. Clothing and how we dress ourselves is a form of expression, it's art. Thank god for clothes my life isn't boring!

Dont't you worry about that,those person are just gelous...i wish just that you will not change your mentality...becouse the world of fashion is full of superficial people that thinks just for the apparence....the clothing is an art that all of us can practise..no one is better or worste...so,you must do what you want and don't be angry with peoplewith a very little mind......

owever i think that you are so pretty and smart,a simple girl...

kisses from italy


mina 2012-05-15 at 22:27:03


I absolutly agree with You, and i think the same. Keep doing what you do, cuz you're really GREAT and pretty.

BTW. In Poland it's even worst ;/


mfashionfreak 2012-05-15 at 23:16:42

i agree. completely!

Alice 2012-05-15 at 23:34:48

I really like the picture :)

In Brazil we have the same difficulties, if u want to wear something based on ur personality, u should care about what people will say, what they will think about it, and it doesn't allow u to be yourself anytime u want :) - but maybe this is something related with culture in general - sorry about my baad english (:

Rebecca Alonzo 2012-05-16 at 02:18:54

I agree with everything you just said. It shouldn't matter what people wear. Fashion is expression through fabrics and creative designs.

I completely agree :)

Well , in Mexico is exactly the same , so you shouldn't worry , take it easy , people can't always appreciate things the same way , sometimes is sad , believe me i've been there . All we can do is keep being the way we are because we want to be that way and not because we want to fit in.

Love from Mx :)

I live in canada and i have been reading ur blog for a while now and i love it soo much!!! ur style is amazing and ur whole blog is so inspiring!!

anyways i totally know how u feel! heres its the same way! if u wanna wear it u should not because someone else will like it but because u want to!




I totally agree with you! It's my business what i am wearing and I dont like when anyone says something against my style clothes :-/

Red Baron 2012-05-16 at 10:47:54

Fully agree...but society or social rules often create pressure in our own personality...it´s like a belief system, it means that traditions, social rules and public law conducts everyone in a very single direction with very short limits.

When someone´s willingness is to move away from these limits, there´s always someone giving the alert that you passed the border (limit) of the belief system...this can happen in Fashion as well as Religion, etc.

Maybe "be fashionable" can mean having a world of ideas inside our own personality...and sometimes society must be shaken to move towards the principles of equality and in defense of human rights.

In Portugal I personaly think that happens the same thing as in Sweden.

But in my school such problems doesn´t exist cause we all use the same uniform and the reason behind it is not to diferenciate social origins between each other.

Have a nice week!



I agree! Thats really mean to point the finger and say someone is over dressing, its like who are they harming by dressing how they want!

Xxx www.soldiersinsuede@blogspot.co.nz

gemma o. 2012-05-16 at 12:19:11

It is like that in most countries i think. Although luckily at my school (which is a steiner school) people seem to be more excepting of 'this is who i am'. Sure my classmates might call what i wear weird sometimes, but they aren't mean about it because they know that this is who I am. (:

I agree with you. Thats true.

So true! Bit the same in Australia too, thankfully there are some people who don't conform :)

Ann 2012-05-16 at 16:39:31

We have the same problem about "fitting in", here in Poland. It's terrible when someone wears something different than everybody and everybody are sending this person those creepy looks telling "you're weird". I hate this kind of situations and I completely agree with you in this case.

visit my blog sometime: annswonderland.blogspot.com

I agree with you in 100 percent. I also met with people who can't tolerate the style of others. in Poland is mixed. For example, at my school people are original, artists, punks, goths, manga and the like. in 3rd grade I saw a guy in golden shoes on high heels. everyone looked at him but not to offend him just because it was something new and interesting. this is in my school but I know where not only the other classmates are intolerant of originality but also teachers. I think it depends on what the people you hit.

very well written, thats the way it is. everyone should wear the things he wants to wear.

It's like that in Ireland too, everyone wears a certain brand because it is popular and you "fit in" if you wear it! I don't wear the brand but that's because I don't like it!

I totally agree with you!!

Lisi-lu 2012-05-16 at 19:25:58

That isn't only a problem in Sweden. A friend of mine colored her hair blue and had a short haircut last weekend. How many silly sentences some girls and boys can make about HAIRCOLOR!

Alice 2012-05-16 at 19:51:11

this photo is goergous!!

www.fashprank.blogspot.com <- DIY shorts

Anonym 2012-05-16 at 21:01:12

i really understand what you want to say!

i also think you shouldn't care about what other people wear.

i mean it's fashion, you don't need to love everybodys style!

fashion's crazy that's all you can say!**

Anonym 2012-05-16 at 21:01:40

i really understand what you want to say!

i also think you shouldn't care about what other people wear.

i mean it's fashion, you don't need to love everybodys style!

fashion's crazy that's all you can say!**

can i start by just saying that i absolutly giv a "f*ck" abt what people do´,what people wear or anything like that at all i do not judge people like that,,

i NEVER said that i thought he was overdressed i made my oint clear when i said that,,, i said that he looks like he is coming from a magazin Every day but not that it is bad or anything like that! i was just saying ,, excuze me 4 speaking my mind, i hav even told the kid that he dresses like he is coming from a magazin he didnt take it like it was something bad, i think should wear what ever they want whenever they want why would i care?

now am done,thx 4 listening 2 my explanation.

I agree. Sometimes I wear elegant dresses, and other days I wear normal jeans. I think it's more 'cool' if you have your own style, 'cus if you look like all the others it's too boring. Btw, I'm from Denmark. And I don't think you can be 'over dressed'. It showes you care about what you wear.

cornelia 2012-05-17 at 00:41:39

skönt att höra någon med samma åsikt som än själv! :)

nici 2012-05-17 at 10:37:01

wonderful text,

I think the same,

and I love your style ♥ ♥ ♥

Ja Du har helt rätt! Jag älskar sättet du tänker på för det är helt rätt. Alltid handlar det om att passa in och göra och ha samma kläder precis som alla andra ist när man kan var precis som man själv är och ha sin egen stil. Fast när man är så tycker folk att man är konstig och försöker trycka ner en för det, vilket man får lära sig att ta för folk kommer alltid ge en skit ich det är så klart fel. Jag säger bara "äR man inte lite konstig så är man tråkig" mitt favorit uttryck. Jag tycker om orgionella människor som vågar var sig själv oavsett vad andra säger och tycker det är dom som får min respekt. Det är bara tråkigt när tex alla tjejor går runt i svarta jeans, converse, skinjacka och typ en adidas väska! Väldigt kreativt.. Nu säger inte jag att jag aldrig går så men det är tråkigt helt enkelt! Var er själva det finns färden så många andra.

Fortsätt med din grymma blog och inspirerande kläder! :D<3

I hate that too. I live in Finalnd so ours cultures r kind of the same :) I hate so much when peoples are talking bad things about others clothes, it's not fair. Everyone should have to be what ever they want whiteout judgment. I like to think a lot what am I gonna wear and peoples call me "the school fashonist" and also i know that some of the peoples don't like the way i dress myself. And sometimes i get bad looks and it hurts. I think that it should be all right to everyone if some people want to dress little fancyer than the others. I don't make jokes of them who wear jeans and normal t-shirt everyday.

And i love ur blog!<3

I hate that too. I live in Finalnd so ours cultures r kind of the same :) I hate so much when peoples are talking bad things about others clothes, it's not fair. Everyone should have to be what ever they want whiteout judgment. I like to think a lot what am I gonna wear and peoples call me "the school fashonist" and also i know that some of the peoples don't like the way i dress myself. And sometimes i get bad looks and it hurts. I think that it should be all right to everyone if some people want to dress little fancyer than the others. I don't make jokes of them who wear jeans and normal t-shirt everyday.

And i love ur blog!<3

you are completly right, it's not okey to judge people!

Ady 2012-05-17 at 18:13:38

Everything you wrote is total true!!!

Czech Republic is the worst! Even when you have bright red hair od false lushes of just wear 5cm heels!!! everything is a problem for them and they are those bad looks and whispering. I dont care about it. I'm who I am. And I think anyone should change himself just because he is different and has a personality.

Love you!!!


You're 15, and you're incredibly mature! Like other girls, I agree about what you wrote. Unfortunatly, it's the same everywhere, in France too.

Keep going to thinking like that!

i just came to your blog over lookbook and i really like it! :)

it's kinda the same here in austria. i also think that you should wear what you feel like, because if you're a super genius and don't really care for clothes that's ok 'cause the right people will see that and it doesn't matter what you wear then. but if you like clothes you should go on with that, 'cause it's great to show "hey i'm somehow like that" :)

and in austria you get strange looks when walking around differently.. i think this is so sad because it's not THEIR life!

greetings to lovely sweden <3

Sarah 2012-05-19 at 04:40:24

I live in America and its exactly the same! I completely agree with you. Clothing is a form of self expression and people should be able to dress the way they want!

I love your blog!


I totally agree with you! I live in Norway, and here at my school, someone says that a girla are prostitutes if they wear a singlet with a shorts... That sucks.

Petra, I completely understand! It was the exact same way in my high school in the US. There were a few other gorls who dressed up as much as I did and they were perfectly popular, but lost people dressed the same in sweat pants and ugg boots. Even in college I get weird looks sometimes because I like to wear heels more than I like to wear flats. Since I walk a lot in college I had to get more flats but they are way more sparkly and blingy than anyone else's and I don't care if people think I'm too dressy for class. Fashion is my life and I'm a fashion merchandising major so people can stare all they want. I agree wearing sweats is super comfy and I totally get why a kit of my friends dress that way but it's not me. If more people were comfortable in their own skin, the world would be such a better, nicer place. Just wanted you to know you're an inspiration! I live your blog and I look forward to watching you go far in the fashion industry :)

Fatima 2012-05-21 at 06:47:47

Jag vet inte egentligen vad som är overdressed. Jag brukar väl kanske göra någon fin uppsättning till kalasdagar men annars har jag samma kläder i skolan som på fest. Har 1 finare klänning men den får jag nästan aldrig ha på mig för då klagar min syster på att den är "overdressed" ... Man ska få traska runt i vafan man vill. Om msn nu så vill gå i brudklänning i skolan ska Det vara ok. :)

I think this happens pretty much everywhere you go, where I live you'll see very few people dress differently or oddly, but old people especially stare at them rudely. Personally, I look at them to appreciate their style, to be inspired by them as one of my favourite things is to watch people. Maybe I'll think "that's not pretty" or "I don't like how he/she looks" but it is in the end none of my business.

I am trying really hard not to dress to please others and dress for myself and wear what I like but it's sometimes scary

about the "always fitting in" i think this happens in almost every country because teens are mostly insecure of their self and all they want is to be popular so if popular people wear something everybody is going to wear it i'm from venezuela and here it's like in sweden, and when someone it's not dressed like all the crowd them people will glanze at them like they are completely nuts !!

Hi, I just found your blog through Lookbook. I've been reading it for like an hour and I love it! I completely agree with you, fashion is a way to express yourself and you shouldn't care about what other people think about you, just be yourself. You know, where I live it's not that easy to wear whatever you want, and sometimes I like to dress up differently, however people don't understand. But I try to find a way to dress how I want and wear an outfit that society won't criticize that much. I think it's amazing that you get clothes by doing something you love. Well, I'll keep on reading you blog and if you ever you come to Mexico (I don't live at the capital city) let me know :)

It's the same here in the United States!! People dress to blend in with the crowd, rather than develop there own personalized fashion!! I LOVE fashion, and I LOVE fashion design and making clothes!! I'm super expressive through clothing and don't dress to fit in with the crowd, I dress to express myself!! But I find that most people don't mind, because it's really just about being confident and being nice and stuff (which I must admit I am not all the time, but most of the time, and it really pays off!)

I'm 15 too, and my brothers and sisters always complain that I "dress too posh", which is their way of saying that I dress too sophisticated for my age and for the occasion. It annoys me when they tell me that because I couldn't care less if I where "Posh" clothes all the time! I love clothes and I love coming up with different looks, and because i live in England, it means that I wear school uniform nearly everyday, so i think i should have the right to where what i like when i can. Also, I would rather spend my money on nice clothes, rather than boring sweats! Great post :) <3

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