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Messy me

2012-05-17 at 14:37:05

Haha, jag vet. Första bilden är hemsk men jag har inte haft tid att städa denna vecka. Fast nu har jag 5 dagars "lov" från skolan så jag ska försöka göra någon nytta. Igår hade jag operationdagsverket så jag tog tag i krattan och krattade många löv för läkare utan gränsers skull.  Ha en bra helg och förlåt för sämst uppdatering.


Haha I know the first picture is terrible but I have not had time to clean this week. But now we have a little break from school in 5 days so I'll try to get some work done. Although I have not been god at updating the blog, sorry for that! Have a great weekend everyone♥


UPDATE: The winner of the lovemartini gieaway is... Pauline B. Congratz♥



Inês Tavares 2012-05-17 at 17:20:21

i'm kind of curious about if you use high-heels at school ... as we are the same age , i'd like to know :\ xx


You have a lovely bedroom! And my room is much messier than the first one...

Lisi-lu 2012-05-17 at 19:00:36

Haha, the first pictur looks like my room - I know the problem to combine school, blogging and tidying up very well!

But your room looks very cut and comfortable!

RED BARON 2012-05-17 at 23:24:22

Nice bedroom and nice photos!

hahaha I like the first one...what a mess!

Sometimes one can´t be always perfect, isn´t it?

Be human!



oliva 2012-05-18 at 08:00:17


Haha, I feel you!! I just fixed my room a week ago.. Now I'm happy I cleaned it :)

-Golda Sarmiento

Love your bedroom!! Mine is messier :P

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