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2012-03-11 at 07:42:29




Jane 2012-03-11 at 09:18:42

I posted this on my blog a few days ago too. It's terrible what one man can do... Thanks for posting :)

Rosalba 2012-03-11 at 10:09:34

It's just terrible, I hope more and more people will show this video to their friends, everybody should know.


Red Baron 2012-03-11 at 22:52:23

I´d like to begin to say "thanks for sharing this message".

I promise you I´ll do my best to spread the word to my friends, my school and portuguese media.

We should conduct a study in our schools to understand the internet impact in human society, and this is case should be a lesson learned, let´s see what happens next 20th april and 31st of december 2012.

This issue is related to all other major events takin place nowdays in our world. The power of internet is indeed creating problems to the implemented political, social and economic structures, lobbies and human belief systems (costumes, traditions, religion). Facebook is just a tool used in the internet, the power of mankind consciousness is increasing cause we are shaping the world to human real values and human rights. The message is destroing corrupted governments (see Lybia), is also creating new civil wars (like Siria), but these parts of events are the expected clashes from a transition from a piramidal human social structure to a holographic one, but will take a lot of years...and nobody is understanding what´s going on...I will ask my father to make a review about it, because he is moreless like a visionaire man, and he will explain to both us what´s happening in the world right now!

Now i begin to realize you´re part of my mission in life...i don´t want to be invisible anymore...

yours VSSFF,

Red Baron

Red Baron 2012-03-11 at 23:25:10

"Don´t fall in love with someone else product"

This is a powerful message but be carefull because donation can make some smart boys get richer in the name of human values and rights. So "don´t fall in love with someone´s product", be aware of media power and greed.

What i mean is everyone should share the message but not donate $ or € to a organization that we don´t know if it´s working properly or not.

Free message is the key, not to give money to someone else pocket.

We can collaborate and influence nations to help Uganda and other african nations to catch Kony to justice and to judge him for crimes against humanity...

Please be always carefull...

Awake let´s see the other face of the coin...uganda military can not enter another country to arrest Kony, this situation should be resolved by Nations...


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