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answers (part 3)

2012-03-27 at 21:37:38




Witch program do you use to edit your photos.

ANSWER: I use Gimp (download here) and picnick.com

Witch kind of camera do you use?

Answer: Sony a330 with Tamron 18-200.


Hey! I wanna ask you if you are getting all clothes from romwe,chicwish etc. for free
and the second question what should i do if i want clothes for free too :D
Answer: Yes I get the clothes for free if I show them at lookbook and on the blog. I guess you have to have many fans on lookbook/readers at your blog.

Kan du inte lägga upp lite mer vardagliga kläder, så att man får inspiration till vad man även kan ha på sig i skolan? :)

Svar: Ja det ska jag! Jag försöker så gott det går!

Hi! So, I would love to know: Do you ever buy in the second-hand stores?

Answer: At the moment I don’t but I use to go second-hand shopping when it’s summer.


Hur många pass i veckan training (football, floorball, etc)?

Svar: 6-7

What is like your daily diet. What's the most important thing you do that makes have such a nice figure? How much do you weight?

ANSWER: It’s incredible many of you that been asking this. I don’t know?

I work out. I eat. I sleep. I’m a human. I’m not going to tell you how much I weight….


Are you more on the shy side or outgoing?

Answer: When I first meet someone I can be quite shy but after a while I’m outgoing.


Do you like One Direction? :)

Answer: Actually I don’t like their music so much but they look good, haha!??



Hi, I was really excited of information about your height. I'm 175 cm high too. So now I'll watching your blog more strictly. And this is my question: what's your size of shoe? :)

Lacey 2012-03-29 at 20:34:49

Love this post and all the cute pictures! You look stunning and your blog is just lovely,

Lacey xoxo

Albertine 2012-03-31 at 12:18:13

I was wondering how you edit you photos to make it look like there are two of you? Eg. http://photoblogbypetra.blogg.se/2012/march/the-winner-is.html


Do you prefer flat shoes or heels? ;)

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Hi there! I'm a 16 year old girl who loves fashion. Besides the blog I love playing soccer and floorball. You can also find me at lookbook.nu.

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