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answers (part 2)

2012-03-24 at 07:52:39

My class

The picture is from last year.

Hi! You posted some pictures of your class before and they look so much more childish than you do, I don't mean that as a bad thing! You just seem much more grown up. I wondered, do you feel that way? Do you feel more grown up than your classmates or are you guys interested in the same things and do you get on well with everyone in your class?


Answer: Hi! I don’t feel like someone that’s more grown up than the others in my class. Everyone in is so different and mature at their own way but we get along anyway.

Do your classmates know about your blog? If yes, are they interested in it? Answer: Actually they are. They always ask stuff about it





Varför började du blogga?? Svar: Ville visa bilder jag tog.
Hur länge har du bloggat?? Svar: 1 ½ år.
Gillar du hästar/djur?? Svar: Nja sådär, mamma är pälsallergier så jag har aldrig haft möjligheten till att ha något djur… med päls dårå

Why did you start blogging about fashion? I discovered lookbook and after that I just started posting outfits at my blog.

What was the first gift you received from a shop? How did you feel about it? Answer: It was clothing from http://theorphansarms.bigcartel.com/ and I thought it was amazing. I never thought I ever would receive clothing for free just to show others.

How many gifts from shops (like shoes, clothes) do you get per month? Answer: I guess about 5 items per month.

Have you ever considerate being a model?

Answer: I have thought about it but it’s nothing I would like to do. The “model world” is just all about how you look and I wouldn’t be able to handle that.



What do you think about Finland? Answer: Nice country, many saunas.
Have you ever been in Finland? Answer: No:/
What is your English grade? Answer: In Sweden we got A,B,C,D,E and I got a C
Where would you like to go on holiday? Answer: At winter-the mountains. At summer- someone’s summer coffin
Favorite movie? Answer: At the moment pride and prejudice

Which languages do you speak? Answer: Swedish, English and a little French


Tycker du att Moa, Lydia och Madelen är dryga för att dom blir andelens fnittriga varje gång du går förbi dom? :)

Svar: HAHA nej..

What kind of music do U listen to?

Made a post about that ->http://photoblogbypetra.blogg.se/2012/january/utkast-jan-9-2012.html#comment



question: What´s your ALL photography equipment please?


mfashionfreak 2012-03-24 at 12:57:23

i really wanna see more of these posts^^

michelle bergström 2012-03-24 at 22:19:06

Du skriver som oftast på engelska. Varför då?

Tacksam för svar. Kram

Red Baron 2012-03-25 at 18:02:01

Can I recommend you a movie...?

Please you must see the movie "Message in a bottle" (1999) with Kevin Costner...

It´s wonderful...and beautiful...you will like it for sure!


Red Baron...vvvrrrrrruuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmm!!!

Ady 2012-03-25 at 20:14:48

its so great that you have kids from soooo many countries in your class!!! I would love that!

You have more photos of your class for the blog or facebook fan page?

Linda 2012-04-02 at 19:25:49

Bag's brand please ? I would have the site

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Åhh herregud sicka snygga svarta skor! Vilket märke? Tacksam för svar!

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