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answers (part 1)

2012-03-23 at 18:28:40

Makeup / Hair

Could you please make a video where you make your bun with the “side braid?”

ANSWER: I already did.

Why is your hair color different in each photo? Sometimes it looks really blond and sometimes it looks really brown

ANSWER. I don’t know that’s weird. I guess it has to do with the light in the picture and the edit.

What hair care products do you use?

Witch kind of makeup do you wear as an everyday makeup?

ANSWER: Dream mousse foundation Maybelline, Isadora build up mascaras extra volume, Isadora rouge, Isadora eyeliner.




Do you get to keep all the clothes you get sent?


Who takes your outfit photos?

ANSWER: Sometimes I use self-timer at the camera and sometimes my mum, brother or friend helps me.

Vilka trender kommer du köra på i vår/sommar? (vilka tycker du mest om?)

Svar: Jag gillar det vita som kommer, gärna matchande med något färgstarkt

Do you feel very tall when you wear high heels?

ANSWER: Yes I do haha

HEJ. jag skrev en kommentar för ett tag sen men har inte fått svar så jag passar på nu! jag har sett på i princip alla dina outfits bilder att du bär väldigt korta plagg. t.ex: den rödmönstrade koftan som du visade för ett ganska bra tag sen och ett par svarta leggins till. då böjde du dig nästan lite framåt och ändå såg det jobbigt kort ut. då undrar jag om du går så till kanske skolan eller visar du bara upp kläder för skoj skull? hänger du med? och som de klänningarna du lagt upp ha på dig, har du det till skolan osv också? tacksam för svar!! Kram

Svar: Hejasn! Jag tror jag har skrivit det på bloggen förut men svaret är att jag inte bär allt jag visar på bloggen/lookbook i skolan:)

Who's style do you admire?

At the moment I really like Mira Berglind and Thilda Mörlid Berglind, you can find more of their amazing style at http://kanal5.se/365days


Hur gjorde du din blogg så stor som den är?

Svar: Ja det vet jag faktiskt inte själv:)



How tall are you?

ANSWER: 5.7416982 feet, 175 cm

Did or do you have a boyfriend?

ANSWER: I did have a boyfriend.

Did you ever get recognized at the street or something? If you do, you like it or not?

ANSWER: Actually no, or I don’t know. Sometimes people really stare at me and I guess they recognize me but no one have every said hi or so. But I school I have a little group of younger girls that’s saying hi, haha!

Do you have a twitter account?

Answer: No :/

Are you Christian? Do you believe in God? What’s your religion and how religious are you?

ANSWER: I’m goanna be completely honest and say that I’m not religious at all, sure you can say that I’m Christian (I am baptized) but I believe in that human have been “created” from scratch not from a guy that maid the earth on 7 days. I know that Christianity is much more then that but I just don’t like the whole idea. My family is kind of Christian I guess, so that’s why I’m in Church in some of the pictures at my blog.



J 2012-03-23 at 19:01:43

Really great post! Keep on going, dear :-)


<a href="http://www.californianlondon.blogspot.com/"><strong>Californian London</strong></a>

Luà 2012-03-23 at 19:50:06

The videos are so useful and you listen to such a good music ;)

can I ask you something else?

which kind of music you prefer?like rock'n roll, pop, hip hop..

and what's your favourite band/singer? :)


do you ever think about joining a model agency..?

your body and face are perfect and so is your age - so you really should get your career rolling girl!

hey petra, i really enjoyed these question -answers posts;) You nearly answered all my questions, which is a great thing. but one of my questions is still unanswered: How do u get that side braid so thick? (I REALLY would like to know it;D) Is it just because of your thick hair or can u give me a useful tip ?

Hello! First of all great blog!! :) I have a question... do you know where can I buy that amazing dress!?? I want it so bad! Thank you so much!

I love your blog and all your looks Petra! I still don't understand how you get your clothes for free though. I understand that you have so many people hypeing and fanning you on lookbook, but how did you start?

Hey petra :)

First I want to say, that you're really beautiful and your blog is great!! i like it very much!

But I have two questions ;) :

1. You said, that you get clothes from romwe etc. for free. But when did that started? Did Romwe heard from you, or did you write an e-mail to them like: "Hey, I wear your clothes and you send me some for free ok?" or what was the reason you get them?

2. Did you ever were in Germany? Do you like it?

Hi, how do you take your pictures? I mean, I've used self-timer but my pictures do not look like yours at all. Can you help me?

Hi, how do you take your pictures? I mean, I've used self-timer but my pictures do not look like yours at all. Can you help me?

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