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new design

2012-03-31 at 10:53:19

Hello my beutiful freinds. Isn't the new design great, I love it. I got help with it from Christopher, if you whant contact him you can e-mail him on f0pz@live.se. :)
Yesterday I went to Umeå Open with my friends and listened to music with others Umeå residents. I've never been on Umeå Open before, I can't belive I missed it the other years. Anyway really recommend that. Today I'll be playing soccer all day and at night I'll return to listend to more great music. See ya!
Hello my beutiful freinds. Isn't the new design great, I love it. I got help with it from Christopher, if you whant contact him you can e-mail him on f0pz@live.se. :)
Yesterday I went to Umeå Open with my friends and listened to some awesome music. I've never been on Umeå Open before, I can't belive I missed it the other years. Anyway really recommend that. Today I'll be playing soccer all day and at night I'll return to listend to more great music. See ya!
Turning 15 in 4 days!:O
UPDATE: The categories can be a bit weird because I have to re-post 1200 posts, but I think it will be okay after a week or so.

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answers (part 3)

2012-03-27 at 21:37:38




Witch program do you use to edit your photos.

ANSWER: I use Gimp (download here) and picnick.com

Witch kind of camera do you use?

Answer: Sony a330 with Tamron 18-200.


Hey! I wanna ask you if you are getting all clothes from romwe,chicwish etc. for free
and the second question what should i do if i want clothes for free too :D
Answer: Yes I get the clothes for free if I show them at lookbook and on the blog. I guess you have to have many fans on lookbook/readers at your blog.

Kan du inte lägga upp lite mer vardagliga kläder, så att man får inspiration till vad man även kan ha på sig i skolan? :)

Svar: Ja det ska jag! Jag försöker så gott det går!

Hi! So, I would love to know: Do you ever buy in the second-hand stores?

Answer: At the moment I don’t but I use to go second-hand shopping when it’s summer.


Hur många pass i veckan training (football, floorball, etc)?

Svar: 6-7

What is like your daily diet. What's the most important thing you do that makes have such a nice figure? How much do you weight?

ANSWER: It’s incredible many of you that been asking this. I don’t know?

I work out. I eat. I sleep. I’m a human. I’m not going to tell you how much I weight….


Are you more on the shy side or outgoing?

Answer: When I first meet someone I can be quite shy but after a while I’m outgoing.


Do you like One Direction? :)

Answer: Actually I don’t like their music so much but they look good, haha!??


2012-03-27 at 17:25:58


  2. BOOTS

    , DINSKO.SE/


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look what a reader sent to me!

2012-03-27 at 17:05:07

Haha I can't belivie this, a reader named Miguel sent me un Ipod as a bithday gift to me!! You can found his blog HERE! THANK YOU!!

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2012-03-26 at 07:41:16

Your image is loading...

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2012-03-24 at 08:00:18

  1. PUMPS

    , Sheinside.com
  2. JEANS

    , romwe.com

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answers (part 2)

2012-03-24 at 07:52:39

My class

The picture is from last year.

Hi! You posted some pictures of your class before and they look so much more childish than you do, I don't mean that as a bad thing! You just seem much more grown up. I wondered, do you feel that way? Do you feel more grown up than your classmates or are you guys interested in the same things and do you get on well with everyone in your class?


Answer: Hi! I don’t feel like someone that’s more grown up than the others in my class. Everyone in is so different and mature at their own way but we get along anyway.

Do your classmates know about your blog? If yes, are they interested in it? Answer: Actually they are. They always ask stuff about it





Varför började du blogga?? Svar: Ville visa bilder jag tog.
Hur länge har du bloggat?? Svar: 1 ½ år.
Gillar du hästar/djur?? Svar: Nja sådär, mamma är pälsallergier så jag har aldrig haft möjligheten till att ha något djur… med päls dårå

Why did you start blogging about fashion? I discovered lookbook and after that I just started posting outfits at my blog.

What was the first gift you received from a shop? How did you feel about it? Answer: It was clothing from http://theorphansarms.bigcartel.com/ and I thought it was amazing. I never thought I ever would receive clothing for free just to show others.

How many gifts from shops (like shoes, clothes) do you get per month? Answer: I guess about 5 items per month.

Have you ever considerate being a model?

Answer: I have thought about it but it’s nothing I would like to do. The “model world” is just all about how you look and I wouldn’t be able to handle that.



What do you think about Finland? Answer: Nice country, many saunas.
Have you ever been in Finland? Answer: No:/
What is your English grade? Answer: In Sweden we got A,B,C,D,E and I got a C
Where would you like to go on holiday? Answer: At winter-the mountains. At summer- someone’s summer coffin
Favorite movie? Answer: At the moment pride and prejudice

Which languages do you speak? Answer: Swedish, English and a little French


Tycker du att Moa, Lydia och Madelen är dryga för att dom blir andelens fnittriga varje gång du går förbi dom? :)

Svar: HAHA nej..

What kind of music do U listen to?

Made a post about that ->http://photoblogbypetra.blogg.se/2012/january/utkast-jan-9-2012.html#comment

check this out

2012-03-23 at 19:03:56


Here's un amazing girl I would like to share with you guys! Her name is Joanna Johansson and she runes the blog DUOCHJAG.DEVOTE.SE. I really think you should check her out and get inpierd by her awesome taste of style ♥

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another portrait

2012-03-23 at 18:39:25

Thanks to Ewelina <3

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answers (part 1)

2012-03-23 at 18:28:40

Makeup / Hair

Could you please make a video where you make your bun with the “side braid?”

ANSWER: I already did.

Why is your hair color different in each photo? Sometimes it looks really blond and sometimes it looks really brown

ANSWER. I don’t know that’s weird. I guess it has to do with the light in the picture and the edit.

What hair care products do you use?

Witch kind of makeup do you wear as an everyday makeup?

ANSWER: Dream mousse foundation Maybelline, Isadora build up mascaras extra volume, Isadora rouge, Isadora eyeliner.




Do you get to keep all the clothes you get sent?


Who takes your outfit photos?

ANSWER: Sometimes I use self-timer at the camera and sometimes my mum, brother or friend helps me.

Vilka trender kommer du köra på i vår/sommar? (vilka tycker du mest om?)

Svar: Jag gillar det vita som kommer, gärna matchande med något färgstarkt

Do you feel very tall when you wear high heels?

ANSWER: Yes I do haha

HEJ. jag skrev en kommentar för ett tag sen men har inte fått svar så jag passar på nu! jag har sett på i princip alla dina outfits bilder att du bär väldigt korta plagg. t.ex: den rödmönstrade koftan som du visade för ett ganska bra tag sen och ett par svarta leggins till. då böjde du dig nästan lite framåt och ändå såg det jobbigt kort ut. då undrar jag om du går så till kanske skolan eller visar du bara upp kläder för skoj skull? hänger du med? och som de klänningarna du lagt upp ha på dig, har du det till skolan osv också? tacksam för svar!! Kram

Svar: Hejasn! Jag tror jag har skrivit det på bloggen förut men svaret är att jag inte bär allt jag visar på bloggen/lookbook i skolan:)

Who's style do you admire?

At the moment I really like Mira Berglind and Thilda Mörlid Berglind, you can find more of their amazing style at http://kanal5.se/365days


Hur gjorde du din blogg så stor som den är?

Svar: Ja det vet jag faktiskt inte själv:)



How tall are you?

ANSWER: 5.7416982 feet, 175 cm

Did or do you have a boyfriend?

ANSWER: I did have a boyfriend.

Did you ever get recognized at the street or something? If you do, you like it or not?

ANSWER: Actually no, or I don’t know. Sometimes people really stare at me and I guess they recognize me but no one have every said hi or so. But I school I have a little group of younger girls that’s saying hi, haha!

Do you have a twitter account?

Answer: No :/

Are you Christian? Do you believe in God? What’s your religion and how religious are you?

ANSWER: I’m goanna be completely honest and say that I’m not religious at all, sure you can say that I’m Christian (I am baptized) but I believe in that human have been “created” from scratch not from a guy that maid the earth on 7 days. I know that Christianity is much more then that but I just don’t like the whole idea. My family is kind of Christian I guess, so that’s why I’m in Church in some of the pictures at my blog.

portrait of me

2012-03-22 at 16:31:24

Thanks a lot to Jessica :)

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the winner is

2012-03-22 at 16:23:44


The winner of the romwe giveaway is.... Moa Thorneus congratulation!! Otherwise I'm sorry for not writing, I have a lot of school to deal with at the moment. But I'm always trying my best!


snabbt hej

2012-03-18 at 14:58:11

Hejsan svejsan! Dagen spenderas hemma, pluggande. Glöm inte bort tävlingarna "Romwe-giveaway" och "Vintage dress från sheinside.com"
TRANSLATE: Hi there! This day I'm spending at home, studying. Do not forget the giveaways "romwe-giveaway" and "vintage dress from sheinside.com"

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2012-03-17 at 12:34:32

  1. DRESS

  2. BAG

  3. BOOTS

    , DINSKO.SE/

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questions? ask them now

2012-03-14 at 16:24:10

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new in (gifts)

2012-03-14 at 15:54:14

Bag-grafea.co.uk Glasses- Romwe.com Sweater- Chicwish.com

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2012-03-13 at 07:27:08

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2012-03-13 at 06:57:46

Hejsan! Förlåt för den oerhört dåliga uppdateringen men det blir svårt nu när skolan börjat igen. Men om 4 veckor är det lov igen och där emellan fyller jag år. Sedan har jag goda nyheter angående spåkresan, jag får fara!! Wihoo! Ha det bra så ska jag försöka skriva lite oftare!
TRANSLATE. Hi there! Sorry for the extremely bad updateing, it will be difficult now when school have started again. But in 4 weeks is Eater Holiday and I will be turning 15 before that. I also have good news about the trip to France, I will go! Wihoo! Have a good one and I'll try write little more often!

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watch this

2012-03-11 at 07:42:29


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one more day of skiing

2012-03-10 at 08:43:10

coming home tonight

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No internet

2012-03-08 at 18:14:56

Hi guys, at the moment I'm in Kittellfjäll (the mountains) and will be skiing untill saturday/sunday. Unfortunately I won't be able to ceep you updated beacuse I don't got any access to internet:(

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2012-03-06 at 15:13:44

När vi ändå håller på så kan vi köra igång ännu en giveaway. Den här gången kan du vinna $80 "freeebies" att handla för på romwe.com samt en accessoar, allt du behöver göra är..
  • Bli medlem på romwe.com. Om du redan är det behöver du inte blir medlem igen utan bara skriva den mailadress du har vid inloggning.
  • Skriv en kommentar med ditt namn och din mailadress på romwe.
TRANSLATE: When we're at it, we can kick off another giveaway. This time you can win $ 80 freeebiest at romwe.com and an accessory, all you have to do is...
  • Register on romwe.com. If you are already have, you do not have to become a member again, just type the address you have on login.
  • Comment this post with your name and the e-mail you have at romwe.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Coupon code : WhiteValentineDay1    $15 off on Purchase over $60

Coupon code: WhiteValentineDay2    $25 off on Purchase over $90

Coupon code: WhiteValentineDay3    $35 off on Purchase over $120
End date: 03/15/2012

Register on romwe.com. If you are already there, you do not become a member again, just type the address you have on login.
Write a comment if you are in the rac


2012-03-05 at 15:46:11

Shirt: http://www.chicwish.com/bloom-on-your-shoulder-top.html
Shoes: http://www.romwe.com/floral-print-chunky-heeled-shoes-p-28813.html

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Win Dress

2012-03-04 at 09:19:10

This time you have the opportunity to win this vintage dress from sheinside.com all you have to du is:
  • Comment this post with your name and e-mail adress!
  • (Update) for a extra chance of winning, register at sheinside.com
Good Luck! The competition ends 3 april ( my birthday)

blend into the crowd

2012-03-02 at 15:32:12

Bilder från arkivet, bilder på mamma och pappa/ Pictures from archive, pictures at my mum and dad.
Hej! Nu har vi äntligen fått sportlov. Jag har inget särskilt planerat förutom kittelfjäll på torsdag. Ska bli skönt att bara slippa tänka på skolan även fast jag har lite engelska och franska grejer jag måste lära mig under lovet. Vad roligt att de var så många utländska läsare som reagerade på Frankrike resan, fastän det skulle kännas lite konstigt att bli igenkänd. Det är kanske just det jag helst inte vill bli, utan bara smälta in i mängden liksom, haha!
Hello! Today we have finally got winter break. I have nothing special planned besides Kittelfjäll(mountains) on Thursday. It will be nice to just avoid thinking about school, even though I have some English and French stuff I have to learn during the holiday. Great that it's so many foreign readers responded to the France trip, allthough it would feel a little weird to be recognized. That's perhaps what I don't want to be, I just want to blend into the crowd, haha!

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