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Almost done

2012-06-05 at 18:03:47

Pictures from the weekend 1,4 Dinner with friends 2 Skinn products 3 New shoes


Hej! Nu är det inte mycket kvar av skolan. Allt jag har kvar är att skicka in en geografiuppgift om Rumänien sen är jag redo för mina betyg. Jag tror det har gått ganska bra den här terminen, ingen större skillnad från i julas. I början av åttan var det så många som sa "åhh 8 är det jobbigaste året" Men jag tycker inte det har varit så farligt. Nu börjar lärarna istället babbla om massa nationella prov. NEJ TACK! Inte just nu, inte innan sommarlovet. Jag vill inte veta...


Hello! Now it's not that much left of school. All I have left is to submit a georafi thing about Romania then I'm ready for my grades. I think it's been going pretty well for me in school this year, not much of a difference from last Christmas. At the beginning of the eighth grade, there was so many people saying "Oh the eighth grade is the most difficult year" but i think it's been quite easy. Now the teachers speaks about the national tests next year. NO THANKS! Not now, not before the summer break. I don't wanna know ...



Zsuzska 2012-06-05 at 18:35:56

oh, I've just read your entry, and want to say that I live in Romania ;))

Red Baron 2012-06-09 at 21:58:54

You´re almost done to go to France...

Have fun and take the opportunity to learn French as much as you can...

Don´t forget your VSSFF...

I´m alive!!!

What is the name of the skin care products?

Natalie 2012-08-24 at 03:47:46

Hi, I am just wondering what the brand name of the skin care products you use is. I can't read it from the picture.


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