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2012-07-31 at 14:46:20

Hej! Igår spelade vi DM-match mot Flurkmark. Jag vet inte riktig vad som hände men under 90 mintuer som forward lyckades jag göra 3 mål och vi vann med 5-4. Imorse ringde en kille från VK (lokala tidningen) och imorgon kommer jag vara med som VK-liraren. Helt galet, jag visar artikeln imorgon. 
Hello! Yesterday we played DM-match against Flurkmark. I don't really understand what happened, but during 90 mintuer as  forward, I managed to make 3 goals and we won with 5-4. This morning a guy from VK (local newspaper) called and tomorrow I will be in the paper as VK-player. Completely crazy, I'll show  you the article tomorrow.

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2012-07-30 at 16:41:11

Dress: lovemartini.com

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2012-07-29 at 10:42:24

Hej! Ja igår spenderade jag hela dagen med släkten från alla olika delar av Sverige. Vi brukar göra det var tredje år varannan i norr och varannan i söder. Det brukar oftast handla om lekar som bryter ut till tävlingar på liv och död men också trevliga middagar och fotbollsmatcher. Alltid lika kul. Tyvär kan jag inte vara med idag för jag ska spela match i Clemensnäs. Ha en trevlig Söndag så skriver jag imorgon.
Hello! Well yesterday I spent all day with the family from all different parts of Sweden. We usually do it every three years every other in the north, and every other in the south. It usually involve games, nice dinners and a lot of soccer. Always fun. Unfortunately I can't join them today because i got a soccer game in Clemensnäs. Have a great Sunday and I will write tomorrow.

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2012-07-27 at 15:53:52

Top: lovemartini
Shorts: lovemartini
Shoes: romwe
Ring: lovemartini

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2012-07-27 at 10:09:24

Godmorgning and sorry for bad updating lately. I've been watching soccer since it's a big soccer cup in Umeå right now. I'm not playing though because my cousins, aunts, and uncles from all over Sweden is comming today. So I will be hanging out with the this weekend. Otherwise it have been really bad weather the last couple of days but it seems to get better now:) Hope you all will have a wonderful weekend, Seeya!

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2012-07-24 at 17:24:54

top: 2hand
skirt: mums
shoes: romwe.com

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Giveaway- sheinside.com

2012-07-22 at 18:38:49

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2012-07-21 at 12:43:52

top: romwe.com
skirt: no idea
shoes: romwe.com

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France (part 4)

2012-07-20 at 11:46:59

Monaco! Yes as you probably know since I've posted a look then, we were in monaco. First we visited the old part of the city/country (I don't know what to call it) wich was really beautiful. And later that day we went to the casino in town. And that was pretty much it. Saw all the rich peoples boats and houses. Not jealous at all.

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Swedish summer

2012-07-19 at 19:36:16

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France (part 3)

2012-07-19 at 09:03:25

Italia!! One day we went  to Italy were we visited a market. I bought a litte watch for 4€, and it's still working, haha. Otherwise we bought icecream (you have to do that in italy) and just walked around looking at the place. I think we were in San Remo, but I'm not sure. Anyway it was a beautiful city and worth the bus trip. 
Update: It was Ventimiglia, thanks to Simona for helping me! :)

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2012-07-18 at 11:00:02

Top: Mango
Shorts: Monoprix
Shoes: Shopmarkethq.com

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How did you do with the bra?

2012-07-17 at 13:41:53

Under this dress I didn't have to wear a bra since it wasn't that thin fabric in the front of the dress. :D Now you know that.. haha. 

France (part 2)

2012-07-17 at 10:04:18

In the very end of the trip to France we went to Nice. It is such a beautiful city and the beach was amazing. We where not suppose to take a bath in the ocean because it would be "to dangerous" but me and my friend thought- How can you not go swimming in Nice? I mean the water was light blue, it was huge waves and we where at the France riviera. So we act like badasses and I will never regret that. And after that we just walked around in the city for like 7 hours and then we went back to Juan Les Pins. 

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2012-07-17 at 09:52:22

Jumpsuit- Romwe.com
Shoes- Dinsko

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France (part 1)

2012-07-16 at 16:06:43


I got a lot of pictures from France but I will try to post some of them this week and tell you what I've been doing this last couple of weeks.

One day we went up to the mountains, quite close to juan les pins/antibes. We took the bus and saw this really beutiful view. The first stop was St. Paul de Vence Where we walked around a bit. After that we went to a place where they make candy and export all over the world. We continued with another place with great view (don't remember the name) and the last stop was a perfumery. I should have bought a perfum now when I'm thinking about it :/ Anyway, it was really nice- and hot of course.

At the first pictures you can see me Sofie (my friend) and Martha who we shared room with in 2 weeks:)

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Back(home)less dress

2012-07-16 at 15:15:51

Dress: Romwe.com
Shoes: Shopkissandtell

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In Sweden!!

2012-07-15 at 14:21:32

Hi everyone, at the moment I'm on Arlanda airport with my friend Sofie. We do already miss ur friends from Stockholm, Gothenburg, Norway, Finland and Spain. It was really sad to leave them since we won't be seeing them until october, when we'll have un reunion party in Gothenburg (I think). Love you and thank's for keep on reading my blog even if I'm gone for a while:)

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coming home tomorrow

2012-07-14 at 21:54:00

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tried macarons :)

2012-07-14 at 09:52:00

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The girls that recognised me :D

2012-07-12 at 10:47:00

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6 days left

2012-07-09 at 17:53:42

Hi today I have been parashoting (think it is that in english) it was really fun. It is only 6 days left hope you all are well, here comes some pictures. :)

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2012-07-07 at 17:09:45

Hi everyone, sorry again for the bad updating. This week I have been in Monaco and in the north of Italy. It was a lot of fun and I have met a lot of new friends. I also met some girls that recognized me, I have a picture of them, I will show you when I get home. Will be home in the next weekend, love you BYE.

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