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My life

2012-01-18 at 16:26:12

Morning: Wake up, go to school. Haning out with theese people^^
After school I usually got football practice.
Your animation
And at night I got floorball or athletics.
Last year I was stressed out I THOUGHT, but now I got all this + lookbook + blogg + more school. The thing is that it never stops showing up clothes, Petra in the past didn't thought about Petra in the future. I will stop accepting all theese colloberations with different comaines for a while. Anyway I'll make it, some how. But now you know where I am when I'm not bloging and so on...
I'm not giving up on any sports, it too much fun:)



Hey! You just should blog a bit less, i mean, your 14, it should be enough to do a blog-entry every 2-4 days or when you have time for it! Maybe your not so stressed out then! Anyway I love your blog, you're photographies are just awesome and of course you look like absolutely gorgeous. Don't let yourself get pulled down. ;-)

Scooooooore a hattrick KARLSSON on a football pitch! :D

I can'y belive that you have only 14 years. You are so pretty and i love your style.

And i think Sweden and swedish is cool, i want to learn this language! :)

Ellen 2012-01-18 at 19:26:56

Looks like you have a busy life!


danijela 2012-01-18 at 20:10:49

fin blogg! kika gärna in på min :) du kan även följa mig på twitter, blogglovin och weheartit :)

Juice 2012-01-18 at 21:45:37

Yay, when i was younger i played florball too! :)))


Good decision. Don't forget who You are, and what You live for. :)

Marija from intwoo 2012-01-19 at 12:18:37

nice post, keep on like this! more lively…

Marija from intwoo

<a href="http://blog.intwoo.com/">blog.intwoo.com</a>

Red Baron 2012-01-25 at 02:00:49

You´re absolutely right!!!


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