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2012-04-03 at 20:54:10

sneak peak

Hej! Min dag har varit toppen, även fast den varit som de flesta tisdagar. Min mormor, morfar och farbror var här på middag och jag fick lite presenter. Annars fick jag pengar av mina föräldrar och Umeå Open var som en present, samt språkresan i sommar. Nu ska jag se på Barcelona- Milan

Hi! My day has been great, even though it almost have been like every other tuesday. My grandpa, grandma and my dads brother was here for dinner and I got a present from my best friend. Otherwise my mum and dad gave me some money and so did the others that was here. But Umeå Open was sort of a present from my parents and the France trip. Now.. Barcelona- Milan



Who is your favorite?

I greet :)

Little N 2012-04-03 at 23:37:25

Happy birthday!! :) enyoy your 15 years!! Do you like fcb o milan? i'm from barcelona and i have liked so much reading what you've wrote about it! a lot of kisses! ^^

mfashionfreak 2012-04-04 at 01:43:15

glad you had fun <3

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