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no, i'm just lying about my age...

2011-11-20 at 21:03:32

I do read all my comments that I get on my blog and on lookbook. It extremely many pople that think that I'm lying about my age. Why would I do that?  What's the point? I don't now how to prove it, show you guys my passport? I'm 14,  next year I'll be 15, and the year after that I'll be 16, I just thought you should know, so you'll be prepared for that..



OMG,I love you clothes. Don't listen to what they say! You look like a supermodel, those people are just jealous!

olivia 2011-11-20 at 22:12:25

jag laddade ner GIMP, det fotoprogramet som du andvände att göra outfit bilder. men jag fattar absolut ingenting.. skulle du kunna beskriva hur du gör? skulle uppskattas mycket!

BarbaraMia 2011-11-20 at 22:28:26

it´s crazy! i don´t believe you for the first time, because i´m almost same age as you and i look younger, but now, i believe you at all

greetings from czech republic! xo

hahahah så jävla go du är, vilket fotbollslag spelar du i ?

TINA 2011-11-21 at 18:00:25

God!You're such a beautiful young girl! I love you;)

It's not that I think you're lying it's just you look unbelievably mature. I'm kind of the same, people think I'm 22 when they see me in person but I'm 17. I thought you were about my age when I first saw you.

Either way you are stunning and should definitely model. Keep up with the blog, love your photos and your style. :)

Maria Alyssa 2011-11-22 at 17:00:40

People get surprised too when they learned my real age but they often mistaken me younger than my real age. They thought I'm only around 13-15 but I'm really 18 and will be 19 soon :))

This is my first time in your blog ad I really like your looks and posts. Keep up the good work! XX

Coclicot 2011-12-04 at 14:46:40

It's just that you are so mature (and I guess that people are really jalous).

Well, I just discovered your blog & lookbook and I wanted to tell you how beautiful you are (I'm glad to be French and not to have to face with you because I won't have a boyfriend anymore !) and I really love the way you're dressed. You'll be famous for you beauty & style one day, I bet so.

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