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FB-user, that look like me??

2011-11-28 at 20:53:32

She blocked me, can't report her
thanks to Sussane and Friederike



If U look at her pic, not yours.... she totaly diffrent person. Don't worry nobody will make mistake ;)

In my opinion You are Unique!!!

Malin 2011-11-28 at 21:04:51

Ni är jätte lika! :D

Uhm that girl had had this picture of yours:


as her profile picture! You'll find it if you look through her fotos and in her comments she claims it as her own! (Since I'm german I may understand the comments)

You should report this.

Well, I'm german too and when I look at the photos of the girl I see no other girl as you Petra !

she takes your photos and says that she is model and that she works for Lousia Models.

But I can't understand that her Boyfriend and her other friends comment the photos like it is really Marie Pauline. Strange.

Linda 2011-12-01 at 17:05:19

I'm of the same opinion as PreppyGirl. Why don't you report her?


She has written: "It was great with you ♥ - here: Italy"

I know who she is, she goes on my school two classes under me...


just want to say that it's not deleted :/

it's still on facebook...



just want to say that it's not deleted :/

it's still on facebook...


why do her friends comment her (or rather your) photos with "wonderful" and "pretty",when she isn't the girl on the photos? I mean normaly your friends know how you look like ?!

Strange .

I'm have the same point of vieuw as PreppyGirl and Linda, you should report or at first make clear that it is not okay to take your photos .

Maybe on of us should report her, accordnig to you. I think it not okay if s.o. uses your pictures and claims them as hers

I will help you because so peoples are terrible. She wrote that she is a model and flirt with boys a little bit, I think! The girl has determined inferiority complex or something like this.

Jo 2011-12-08 at 00:36:33

Post her facebook link while you update your outfits on lookbook, so many people can report. :)

That's really creepy! Tried to report her but can't do it unless I'm your friend on fb, sorry!

i reported her..hope her fake profil willl be deleted soon :)

why do people even think it`s a real profil? someone should write on her wall or comment on her pictures "fake"!! so all who she is friends with will know the truth!

First I want to say, that she's a bi***!

Sorry, but I know her (very well) and she's 13 !

Her "Boyfriend" is fake!

She's taking photos from your blog and shows them like her owns!

She knows, that you know, that it's a Fake!

I can Talk to her but i think She's Not stopping...

Oh and @She's a girl ... Who are you? And if you realli knows her tell the name!

Can't you post a link to her profile so we report her?

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