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2011-12-31 at 01:07:13



Amos H. 2011-12-31 at 01:58:59

Happy new year to you! Glad you are doing so well with the blogging!!!! <3 you!

Hello Petra, I'm 15 and from England! I love your blog so much!! I have just started my own thanks to you! Your such an

inspiration, I have been following your blog for a while and I just love it! I saw on one of your looks you were wearing a dead from Romwe and I loved it so much, so I got one as an extra for Christmas but mines in black I'll be wearing it on NYE! Lots of love Jenny! (Jenny.La photography)

you deserve it! you are georgeous and happy new year for you and your family too! :)

Patricia 2011-12-31 at 08:50:14

Happy new year to you as well, love the pictures on your blog

modepistol 2011-12-31 at 09:56:48

have fun girl!! you deserve all the credit you get;-)

hope your year 2012 brings you even more luck and fantastic experiences!!


<a href="http://www.modepistol.blogspot.com">modepistol</a>

Katharina 2011-12-31 at 12:24:38

You Desirve it ! you rock! :)

Har du sett shortsene på www.runwaydreamz.com? De er så fine og tenkte det sikkert var noe du hadde likt :-)

Bikbik & Roro 2011-12-31 at 12:50:33

you are such a lovely, talented young lady, and I enjoy your blog very much! here's wishing you a wonderful new year full of blessings and inspirations :)

Jag älskar din blogg. Tack för en otrolig bra blogg! :) Jag har nyligen hittat din blogg via Lookbook.nu. Du är verkligen vacker <3 Du har en sinnessjukt god smak inom mode. Tack för att du är så inspirerande :) Gott nyttår. Hälsningar från Danmark :D

Irene 2011-12-31 at 19:49:01

Happy New Year!!!!!



love your blog!


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Hi there! I'm a 16 year old girl who loves fashion. Besides the blog I love playing soccer and floorball. You can also find me at lookbook.nu.

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